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International Safety Award 2024 Award Ceremony Global Safety Summit GSS, Peers Dining Hall, UK Parliament House of Lords London

Event date

13 September 2024

Award announcement date

06 June 2024

last date to apply

15 Aug 2024

International Safety Award 2024 Award Ceremony Global Safety Summit GSS, Peers Dining Hall, UK Parliament House of Lords London

International Safety Award 2024 Award Ceremony Global Safety Summit GSS, Peers Dining Hall, UK Parliament House of Lords London.

Global Safety Summit is the most recognized and endorsed awarding platform, with United Nation's Global Compact UNGCNI - SDG Partnership and Forbes Web Media Partnership, is on the 12th Edition in the year 2024. GSS has National Assessments, especially from India, and International Assessments, inviting applications from all over the world. In 2023 International Event, companies from more than 30 countries participated, major participant businesses were from the UK, Africa, Asia, India, mainland Europe and the Middle East. GSS is organised by Parent Organisation Fire and Safety Forum in India, and in the International Level it is managed by the Membership Organisation World Safety Forum, UK. For those companies cannot attend the event in the UK, World Safety Forum provides Assessment opportunities via post as well, which can be enquired along with the international awards GSS London event information via [email protected].

Why attend GSS International Award Ceremony at London?

  • Premium Safety Award Ceremony held inside the UK Parliament House of Lords
  • Attend the Event with Senior Most Officials of the Industry in the Prime Event Venue 
  • Exploring the UK Parliament as a Guest in the Peers Dining Hall is a Life time Achievement 
  • Apart from Safety, GSS is hosting Professionals from CSR, Sustainability & Quality Profiles 
  • Global Sustainability Leader Award is presented to CEO/ Chairman 
  • Most Prestigeous Event in Safety and Sustainability
  • The Royal Dinner Service will be by the UK Parliament will have 4 course Meal

Who will be Participants

  • CEOs
  • Chairmen 
  • Vice Presidents / Country Heads
  • Government Officials of UK 

Chief Guest of Previous Event :  Lord Daniel Brennan, of Kings Council, House of Lords UK Parliament 

Guest of Honour : Mr. Virendra Sharma, M P, UK Parliament 

Presented by: Mr. Glenn Grant

Award Nominations are Open, to know about the cetegories and nomination guidelines or criteria email to [email protected] 

  • International Safety Award
  • International Sustainability Award
  • International CSR Award
  • International Quality Award
  • International OHS Award
  • International HSE Award
  • International ESG Excellence Award
  • International HR Excellence Award 

How non Residents of UK travel to attend the Event:

On confirmation of award assessment practices, World Safety Forum UK will be issuing an invitation support letter, which can be utilised as the travel support document for the VISA process, along with the invitation from the venue with event date. VISA processing, accomodation and travelling should be arranged by the industries themselves. 


Program Agenda

18:30 - 18:45: Registration

18:45 - 19:00:  The Future of ESG: Trends and Predictions Description: Delve into the transformative shifts in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics and frameworks. This session will analyze predictive analytics and scenario planning to anticipate ESG trends. Topics include stakeholder capitalism, integrated reporting, and evolving regulatory landscapes. Technical Focus: ESG scorecards, stakeholder engagement metrics, predictive analytics, scenario planning, integrated reporting frameworks, regulatory compliance.

19:00 - 19:15: Integrating Safety into Corporate Strategy Description: Explore methodologies for embedding safety as a strategic pillar within corporate frameworks. Discuss risk assessment models, safety management systems (SMS), and safety performance indicators. Technical Focus: Risk assessment models, Safety Management Systems (SMS), safety performance indicators (SPIs), ISO 45001 implementation, cross-functional safety integration.

19:15 - 19:30 Innovations in Sustainable Energy and Safety Practices Description: Highlight the latest advancements in sustainable energy technologies and the corresponding safety protocols. Focus on renewable energy integration, energy storage solutions, and grid modernization. Technical Focus: Renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, hydro), energy storage systems (ESS), smart grid technologies, safety protocols for renewable installations, risk mitigation in energy transition.

19:30 - 19:45 Advancing Workplace Safety through Digital Transformation Description: Examine the role of digital transformation in enhancing workplace safety. Discuss the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning for predictive maintenance and hazard identification. Technical Focus: IoT sensors, AI-driven predictive maintenance, machine learning algorithms, real-time hazard identification systems, digital twin technology, wearable safety devices.

19:45 - 20:00 ESG Reporting: Best Practices and Challenges Description: Provide insights into effective ESG reporting, emphasizing data accuracy, materiality assessments, and stakeholder transparency. Discuss common challenges such as data integration and reporting consistency. Technical Focus: Materiality assessments, data integration platforms, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, blockchain for transparency.

20:15 - 20:30 The Role of Leadership in Promoting Safety Culture Description: Discuss how leadership drives a proactive safety culture within organizations. Explore behavioral safety, safety leadership frameworks, and employee engagement strategies. Technical Focus: Behavioral safety models, safety leadership frameworks, employee engagement techniques, leading indicators vs. lagging indicators, safety climate assessments.

20:30 - 20:45 Circular Economy: Strategies for Sustainable Growth Description: Investigate the principles and implementation of circular economy strategies to reduce waste and promote resource efficiency. Discuss closed-loop systems, product lifecycle extension, and circular supply chains. Technical Focus: Closed-loop systems, product lifecycle extension strategies, circular supply chain management, waste valorization, cradle-to-cradle design.

20:45 - 21:00 Achieving Net Zero: Pathways to Carbon Neutrality Description: Explore comprehensive pathways to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Focus on carbon accounting, offset strategies, renewable energy transitions, and energy efficiency improvements. Technical Focus: Carbon accounting methodologies, carbon offset strategies, renewable energy integration, energy efficiency measures, Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) alignment

21:00 - 21:45 International Awards 2024 Distribution

Sector wise Award winners will receive the Trophy and Certificate from the Chief Guest. Global Sustainability Leader Awards - Exclusive Awards for leadership will be distributed to selected Chairmen / CEOs in the Ceremony on first Slot. Then Industrial Awards and Individual Awards. Categories: International Safety Award, EHS Award, ESG Excellence Award, Safety & Sustainability, CSR Awards, Quality Awards, HR Excellece Awards, Safe Workplace Awards. For nomination querries contact: [email protected]

21:45 - 22:30 Seated Dinner

3 Course Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian Meal of choice Curated by the Events and Caterers of House of Lords will be served by their team.

22:30 - 22:45 Photoshoot at the Westminster Hall

The event is dispersed via the Historic Westminster Hall. The GSS milestone group photo will be taken at the Westminster Hall with all Participants, so request everyone to stay for the final photo frame, as this only happens while we exit.


Objective of GSS

Global Safety Summit is organised by Fire and Safety Forum, signatory to United Nations Global Compact Networks Newyork. The Main objective of GSS is to provide platform for various Indian Companies and Industries, to establish strong network and promote the Sustainability Goals. GSS set up assessment Committee in Quality, Safety (EHS), Green and CSR verticals. Industrial Collaboration from various sectors, almost 32 categories including Oil and Gas, Steel, Powrplants, Chemicals etc. Analyse and Motivate the Industries for the Best Practices in Quality, Safety (EHS), Green and CSR to achieve the bench marks in the Industrial Ecosystem.


Bnefits of GSS Partnership

Become Member of World Safety Forum

Participate in Annual Excellence Awards 

Network with 88000+ Industry Leaders

Become a Part of GSS Annual Article in Forbes Web Platform

Join Local Chapters of Entreprenuership, Students Innovation & Research

200+ Certified Assessors and 50+ Pshychometricians in the Volunteer Platform


Major Industries Associated

Adani Enterprises Ltd, Adani Green Energy Ltd,

Reliance Industries Ltd, Cadbury Mondelez,

Technip Energies, EXL Service Com, Voltas, NTPC, Amazon,

WNS Global,  Flipkart, Nestle, Afcons, JSW, Shapoorji Pallonji,

KEC International, UltraTech Cement,  Times Group

Bennett Coleman and Company Limited, Mahindra Susten, Asian Paints and 400+