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  1. Certified Lead Implementer for ISO 50001:2018 by BSI

  2. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 50001:2018 by BV

  3. Certified 5S Lead Assessor by ABK AOTS DOSOKAI, Chennai

  4. Certified EHS Lead Assessor by CII

  5. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 45001:2018 by BV

  6. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14001:2015 by BV

  7. Certified Lead Auditor for BS OHSAS 18001:2007 by BV

  8. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001:2015 BY BV

  9. Certified Lead Implementer for ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 by DNV.

  10. Certified NBQP Lead Auditor on ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 by CII, SR, Chennai

  11. Certified IMS Lead Auditor for QMS, EMS & OHSAS by TQMI, Chennai


Highlights of Professional Excellence:

  1. Secretary, Energy & Fuel Users Association

  2. CII EHS Award Assessor & done assessments for various sectors of industries

  3. Safety Co-coordinator & Designated in-charge for marine operations of petroleum Tankers

  4. Oil Spill Response-Disaster Contingency Plan & compliance to ISPS, ISM & MARPOL regulations, Reassessment of emergency response procedures, Mock drills at Oil Jetty & Fore Shore Terminal, Chennai Port 

  5. Trainer in Petroleum Engineering, HSE, ISO Standards & Energy, Sustainable Development

  6. Established QMS at CPCL-CISF Unit & obtained Certification of ISO 9001:2015, first of its kind in Indian refineries 

  7. Function as Safety Officer in major M&I shut-down operations of Refinery Units.

  8. Function as project guides for Engineering/Management course students of Universities

  9. Safety Guidelines formulated for Crude receipt/spiking/feeding to the process units

  10. Achieved highest ever safe Crude receipt of 1.08 MMT through safe berthing & unloading of Crude Oil through Suez-max Tankers in 2007 

  11. Coordinated with ports & TMP for pre & final audits to obtain ISPS Code for CBR-Jetty

  12.  Team member in feasibility study for COT & on-shore terminal facilities for SPM operation

  13.  Achieved 97% of deployment of TC vessels to transport Crude for both CPCL & IOC

  14.  Safe Transshipment of  LS Crude from Suez-max to MR at ChPT to discharge at CBR-Jetty

  15.  Safe Commissioning of 6th loading arm & replacement of fenders/pipeline

  16.  Expedited reconstruction of  mooring dolphin & catwalk to resume Suez-max operations

  17.  Safe Commissioning of 20” product pipeline between Karaikkal  Port & CPCL-CBR Oil jetty 

  18.  As a Contingency plan, jump over made to BPCL FO line to tide over failure of Crude line

  19.  Restoration of Crude receipt by FO line without shutdown, when fell into sea at ChPT

  20. QMS Lead Audit Support for NABL accreditation for Occupational Health Centre

  21. Deputed for the safe commissioning of Crude Distillation Unit after revamp to enhance capacity

Accolades & Awards

  •   Received Diamond Award in the KAIZEN competition organized by ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI on 19.06.19 at Chennai, a premier professional body promoting Japanese Management concepts 

  • Received Life Time Achievement Award from International Association of Research & Developed Organization (IARDO) in February 2019.

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