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Ms Shabnam Siddiqui

An academic practitioner with twenty-five years of experience, Shabnam specialises in developing and executing strategic intervention through multi-stakeholder networks, is skilled at training and research and has several national and international publications to her credit. 


Shabnam is a great believer and practitioner of Collective Action, and believes that the private sector plays a critical role in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals. She has made significant contributions to creating an active community of changemakers committed to accelerating positive change and innovation to achieve SDGs. Shabnam has created a path for corporate leaders to align their core business with the strategic goals of the local and international communities and act as a bridge between business and governments. Her role in getting businesses to realize that the attainment of SDGs is inextricably linked with market growth is the centrepiece of her work and the impact of this cannot be overstated. Shabnam exemplifies the spirit of innovation and excellence, core to any sustainable governance work. 


Academically Shabnam has a Masters in Sociology from India, a second Masters in International Peace Studies from USA and embarked on a PhD in Public Policy at Singapore. Additionally, every couple of years Shabnam is engaged in academic pursuit so as to be abreast of new knowledge and thought leadership. Her most recent foray was to the University of Oxford as a Chevening Rolls Royce Innovation, Science, Policy and Leadership (CRISP) Fellow based at Said Business School, St. Cross College.


Work station has been primarily in India, with short-term and long-term stints in Asia, Europe and United States of America. 


Shabnam is an amateur wildlife photographer, a biodiversity conservationist, passionate about wildlife and forests and intends to work towards their holistic development.


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